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Fashion Illustration & Portfolio Development

Fashion Illustration & Portfolio Development

Any idea that is in designer's mind has to be given a visual definition that is where the fashion illustrator steps in. The course covers diverse topics like prints & illusions, basic figure drawing science, rendering, colors, photo analysis & portfolio presentation. This course perfects the student in the art of transferring ideas from their mind to paper & hence acquiring a design collection that is unique & embodies their own individual concepts.


Diploma in Fashion


6 Months Course

Course Contents

  • Retail Management
  • Export Management
  • Exploring World Market
  • Handling Overseas Clients
  • Product Development & Distribution
  • The Policy & Procedure of Export Negotiation
  • Export Finance
  • Computer Applications
  • Working & Set Up of Garment Industry
  • Consumer & Customer Relation
  • Duty Drawback
  • Documentation & Licensing
  • Retail Promotion
  • Export Policy & Promotion
  • Successful Export Strategies
  • Business Communication
  • Research Analysis & Development
  • Group Application
  • Internship