What Skills Should You Add to your CV as a Fashion Designer?

Fashion Designing Career

Every fashion designer applying for a pool of jobs will more or less possess the same set of skills. If you craft your CV as a fashion designer to fit into that crowd, you are actually playing into the hands of all that competition. And only such people later complain about job saturation, bad profiles and lower chances. But you are definitely smarter. You know that the fashion world is competitive and finding the right job ultimately comes down to you. The extra skills that you add to your CV, the additional abilities that are sure to attract the employers and the aptitudes that will get you that higher pay package.

So, what are those skills that you must focus upon as a fashion designer? What points should you add to your CV that will keep you above all that crowd? Pursuing your course from one of the best polytechnic colleges in New Delhi should be your first step to acquire that brand edge. From thereon, work on the following:

  1. Research

Fashion is an ever-changing world and research is what will enable you to come with new ideas. Employers in this industry value this skill like hot cake and will immediately jump to question you on this if you choose to mention it. Develop your research skills and create a solid backing of materials. Look into the textiles, colour differences, recent and historical trends, and jot everything down neatly into a journal. You may not display your memorising skills. Just show the employers that you are interested in a lot of topics and research about them.

  1. Technology

Most fashion graduates skip the technical subjects assuming that the industry only demands creativity. But the current age has made technology an integral part of every sector. The top Polytechnic college in Delhi South Ex will have the necessary subjects included in their curriculum and you must work diligently to build at least an intermediate expertise. Focus on the designing software, website building codes and, if possible, on a few data analysis programs. The more knowledge you can add to your bag, the better will your CV look to the employers.

  1. Communication

Do you need to communicate as a fashion designer? At every step. Be it verbal or written, you will always have to portray your thoughts to a superior or a subordinate and your idea cannot take shape unless you can effectively communicate. The question now comes as to how to show it in your CV? Display this skill by taking part in various activities during your college life and mention them under achievements. For instance, if you wrote a piece on fashion in your college magazine, mention it in your resume and attach a copy. If you maintain a blog where you talk about design ideas or analyse fashion, request your interviewers to visit that link.

  1. Marketing

Put simply, how you present your case. In the interview hall, what you are actually doing is trying to convince the panel in front that you are perfect for the job. This is where displaying your marketing skills will begin. Next comes how you present your CV. Are you placing a portfolio along? Your cause will also get a boost if you can show that you use social media platforms to market your ideas and content and show the tactics you employed. Companies prefer candidates with multiple skills so that they can shift you around during crunch times. They will favour a designer with marketing skills.

  1. Reference

Very few fashion graduates spend time to build a solid reference list. Actual people who are not your family praising your work is definitely a huge plus. Although the reference category may not appear as a skill, it will show your ability to make people happy with your work. During your degree, try to contact as many people as possible and solve their fashion problems. If they are satisfied, request a small note of appreciation for your CV. Such validations will immediately set you apart as a smart candidate. You can maintain your reference column online and mention a few in your resume.

Remember, you can only build on these if your college provides you with the right opportunities. Hence, being skeptical while choosing your polytechnic courses in Delhi after 10 is important. The Polytechnic for Women College South Extension – 1 is an institute which provides you with the necessary platforms to work upon the required skills. The institute’s Executive Director, Sanjana Kalra, works closely with a rich advisory panel to provide the perfect mix in the college’s fashion curriculum. So, obtain your degree from such an institute, build on your existing skills and then go on to add a bit more. Your career is then sure to shine.

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