What is N.P.T.T and Why Should You Consider it?

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Teaching students in the age group of 2-10 years requires training. The demands are often unique and recruiting schools look for very specific skills, and work experience, before hiring you full-time in such positions. While degrees like the bachelor in education make you eligible for teaching secondary level students, a diploma in NPTT is how you get to teach at the nursery and primary levels. If the term is new to you, if you are unsure about the course and your future prospects, those details are exactly what this post is all about.

Let’s start with the obvious question at hand and define NPTT for you.

What is N.P.T.T.?

NPTT translates into Nursery and Primary Teacher Training. As the name suggests, a certification or diploma course in NPTT will make you eligible to become a teacher at the nursery and primary level. Many colleges provide training in NPTT but only the top private polytechnic college in Delhi list will offer you a diploma in it which is naturally a higher qualification than any other certification course. Your prospects improve with a diploma, you have a shot at the top schools in the country and even land better packages than your other institute’s peers.

Typically, the course will either be of one or two years. Minimum qualification necessary to enrol into an NPTT diploma course is 12th pass or any graduation. Here again, many institutes also provide you with 3-months and 6-months courses which are merely certifications. It is important that you make the segregation, evaluate your need and choose your course wisely. The more time you invest in building your knowledge and skills, the better will your jobs be.

What do you learn at N.P.T.T.?

Provided you select the diploma course, the subjects that you will have to study will be varied. The basic topics will include the principle of education, methods of teaching, art and craft design, lesson plans, first aid workshops, and numerous case studies. The goal is to make you privy with the nursery and primary level classrooms and make a teacher out of you. In the one-year course, only the basic subjects will be covered and you will gain the absolutely necessary skills to land a job.

If you select the two-year course, however, both your subject knowledge and skill level will see a significant boost. Along with the above basic subjects that you will learn in year one, the second stage of your diploma will bring in more advanced topics like the philosophy of education, child psychology, health and nutrition, school organization, audio-visual teaching and so on. The two-year courses in the best diploma course in the private polytechnic college in Delhi NCR list will also provide you the opportunity to undergo a mandatory training phase in functioning schools, along with integrated training workshops in renowned institutions. The extra year you invest in your NPTT will surely be enriching and work to advance your career by the right amount.

Why should you consider a diploma in NPTT?

Let’s answer this question from two angles. First, considering that you have a passion for teaching, NPTT is necessary to get a start at the primary and the nursery level. You may opt to go for B. Ed but that will consume 3 years. NPTT, however, is a maximum of two years’ course and gives you an added year in the professional world. You can gather teaching experience during this time, which when added to your internships and training during your diploma, will make your profile look healthier than any other fresher after three years.

Second, on lines of future prospects, the scopes for NPTT diploma holders are truly endless. Schools will rarely shut down and the demand for skilled teachers at the nursery and primary level are at an all-time high. There is still a bit of saturation at the senior level but the anything below that is quite empty. You can readily fit in after a short NPTT course and your diploma will do the rest to raise your package amount. This trend will continue in the coming years and you can reap all the benefits in full.

Go for NPTT and select the best

Make sure you evaluate all the colleges in the list of polytechnic colleges in Delhi with address and select only the best. Institutes like the Polytechnic for Women College have one of the best designed NPTT diploma courses owing to its futuristic management in the form of director Mr. Kanwaljit Singh and executive director Ms. Sanjana Kalra. Here, you not only get to study in a detailed curriculum but also get placement opportunities at the end of your course. What else can you ask for? Be precise and be selective. Go for NPTT but only at the best.

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