Top Jobs You Can Land as a Student of Fine Arts

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The conventional jobs have somehow trumped the creative fields. Art students want to follow their passion but remain sceptical about what is on offer. The mind cannot go beyond struggling artists and stressed professionals and somehow, even in this century, earning money with graduation in fine arts seem like a fantasy world. But in reality, students of fine arts have more opportunities that all the conventional sectors combined and it is all about finding your calling and settling in a profile. The jobs are numerous and the salaries are decent as well.

So, here is your list to pick from while you are studying fine arts in the top polytechnic college in South Extension Delhi. Select your preference, build your skills and become a professional in the creative side of things.

  1. Interior Decoration

Right after fine arts, you may not have a shot of becoming a full-time interior decorator but you can always work in the field in the associated areas. Take home décor for example. You can be responsible for poster design, showpieces, home lighting, and furniture. You can work as an associate in an interior decorating firm, gather work experience and then become a full-time head designer. Fine art is enough to give you a start in that field where you can earn while doing the thing you love.

  1. Graphic designing

The demand for graphic designing is still going strong. If previously it was for print media, now it is all digital. Brands constantly require unique images for advertising and customization has indeed taken over. This has shot up the need for graphic designing professionals where you can step in as a student of fine arts. The profile is straight forward. Brands come in with their demands, you pitch in with your creative ideas and out comes the logos, one-liners, shareable images and so on.

  1. Animation

On similar lines to graphic designing, the next obvious profession you can choose with a certificate in fine arts is that of an animator. The last couple of decades has seen a huge boost in animation films where new characters and plotlines are being made daily. The Indian market is also rising steadily and many international production houses outsource their animation work to this country. There is simply no dearth of jobs in the animation and multimedia field where you can take all your creativity.

  1. Industrial designing

How many consumer products that you see out there have minimalistic designs? The entire manufacturing chain has become more aware of their product’s aesthetics as currently, whatever looks good sells easily. A course in fine arts from the top polytechnic college from Delhi makes you eligible to become an industrial designer, where you will be required to come up with creative ideas for cars, air-conditioners, and even shampoo bottles. The pay is serious in niche companies and your workflow will be never-ending.

  1. Art director

Probably the highest paying job profile in this list. Big production houses employ art directors to take care of the set design, visual aids that will go into the advertisements, photography during live performances and everything creative. You will need to rise up through the ranks to ultimately become an art director but once you do, you can all your career settled. Fine arts, again, is the starting point where you will have to bring in your creative knowledge in the commercial field and make everything visually beautiful.

  1. Art lecturer

The option to teach is always there. After your basic course, you can move into higher studies, complete post-graduation and become an art lecturer. You can immerse yourself in research, continuously study fine arts and help the next generation of budding artists to follow your footsteps. Art lecturers draw a massive salary depending on the qualification and experience and you can pick a field accordingly to pursue this as your career. On the side, the scope will be there to work as consultants and continue pursuing newer forms of art.

This list isn’t exhaustive. There are still a few profiles that are yet to arrive in the Indian market and there are few that are still in its infant stages. These will bloom soon and you will naturally have even more options. But no matter where you decide to land, picking the right institute from the private polytechnic college in Delhi list is important as this is where you will be forming your basic knowledge. The fine arts course in the Polytechnic for Women college has the perfect curriculum that set you off on the right path. Right from the faculty to facilities, everything in PfW is designed to further your passion for arts. So, sharpen your creative skills in such colleges and pursue a career in fine arts without a shred of doubt.

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