Top 6 Features of a Great College Placement Cell

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When you read the full name of the department – training and placement cell – you will immediately know what all to expect from your college’s T&P cell. And naturally, only that college can guarantee you a solid future whose T&P is active, fulfills all its responsibilities and lives by its name. The training and placement cell is an integral part of the college and is often, the first room where you will have to visit to get a start in your career. Thus, you must be very specific while selecting a private polytechnic college in Delhi list and should look for the following 6 features in its T&P cell.

  1. Along with placement, it is also a training department

No matter how good a student are you on paper, the corporate world requires a totally different set of skills and expertise that are not found in textbooks. This is where soft skills training becomes so vital and it is the duty of the T&P to arrange for that. The cell contacts with the visiting companies inquire what they expect from the college’s students and arrange workshops on those lines to help you build the necessary skills. The word “training” in the department’s name is a function in which the cell must perform up to the required level.

  1. It should provide equal opportunities for all the graduates

The training and placement cell cannot have contacts just with a few companies in a specific niche. If the college offers courses across different sectors, it is the T&P’s responsibility to provide all its graduates with equal chances. In other words, the commerce graduates must have exposure to a good number of finance or audit related companies while students with journalism degree should get interviews from media houses. A good T&P ensures equal distribution which you can easily find out from the college’s website by looking into the visiting companies’ list.

  1. The T&P is also about off-campus recruitments

Your career cannot just be limited to the opportunities that you get on campus. Whether its training or placement, you deserve to have full access to all the information that is happening outside your college premises. The T&P of the best polytechnic college in South Extension Delhi will send you emails about ongoing trade fares, set you up for recruitments through third-party portals and also arrange for your attendance in training sessions that are happening outside your college. Expect every placement related guidance from your college’s T&P. Helping you with your career and providing the necessary information is very much included in their job role.

  1. Career counseling, as and when required

Being confused with career options is a natural emotion for many students. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a well-decided job role in mind and work towards that. If you fall into this category where you still do not know which company is suited for your skills or what path to take, your college’s training and placement cell can become your career counselors. Again, the nature of their job makes them experts in the career field and you are sure to find your answers when you take your confusions to them. The cell must be available as per your requirement and guide you all along.

  1. Placement help, even when you pass out

Very few polytechnic colleges in South Delhi instructs their training and placement cell to constantly be with their students irrespective of their degree’s status. As a former student, you do deserve to have access to all the resources of your college’s T&P. Say, down the line to decide to switch your career path or the company you have been working in, you can easily take the help of your T&P to get in touch with recruiting companies and set up an interview. The top colleges stay with their students for as much time they need them.

  1. Good rapport with a few companies

A handful of firms will be regular visitors to a college’s campus. This means that the training and placement cell has a good rapport with the company’s management and they are likely to visit your campus again for recruitment when it is time for you to sit for interviews. This feature somewhat works as your guarantee that your T&P will surely bring in these constant firms and you will always have an interview opportunity. Having some assurance is great for you as a student and gives you a sense of security while pursuing your degree.

And all these features truly come together in the training and placement cell of the Polytechnic of Women college. The institute’s placement department is vigilant about its responsibilities and provides you with a constant flow of great companies and self-developmental opportunities. So, choose such a college with great T&P. Leave all the worries about your career on the hands of the experts right inside your college premises.

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