Top 5 In-Demand Courses of the Current Age

Fashion Designing Career

We can all now safely conclude that the overwhelming popularity a degree in engineering and management has fallen to some extent and the annual rates of vacant seats in their specific colleges is shining proof of that. The trend has now shifted to newer courses, where the market is still ripe and the demand is high. The current age has brought along a host of new avenues where opportunities are enormous combined with the scope of limitless success. While some has been around for some time and are still gaining ground, others are fairly new and seeing a fresh boom.

This post lists the top 5 in-demand courses among the students of the current generation along with concrete proofs of their bright future. Graduates from these will rarely see saturation in their lifetime and take advantage of the rising market. Choose your path from this list, get into the best polytechnic college in South Extension Delhi and begin a budding career.

  1. Fashion Designing

No matter what the figures and experts say, fashion designing is still one of the best industries to work in. If you put it into perspective, people’s taste in fashion goes on changing with time and the demand for skilled professionals cannot go down in that respect. More and more brands are investing in fashion while the already existing firms are growing bigger. With a diploma or a degree in fashion designing, you can choose to work in the core profile or expand into a more niche interest like fashion journalism or marketing. The choices still are innumerable and the field is in that much demand than it ever was.

  1. Travel and Hospitality

A simple scan of your own locality will tell you at what rate the hospitality industry is growing. As economies develop and travelling is becoming cheaper, people around the world are willingly pouring money into this sector. Recent reports suggest that the growth of the travel and hospitality segment is so rapid that the number of skilled professional available won’t be able to meet the demand in the next five years. This directly translates into greater opportunities, higher packages, and better profiles. A degree in Airline tourism & hospitality management will help your cause and put you in a growing market.

  1. Digital Advertising

Traditional print advertising is seeing a crunch phase but digital advertising has been on untamable progress. Social media and search engines started the process which was followed by display advertising on websites and phones. The demand to advertise online is still growing as the technology for faster internet access is fueling the entire industry. A degree in mass communication or advertising itself from the best polytechnic college from Delhi will make you eligible to step into the digital marketing sector and work with a top firm. Your career will continue to grow as long as the internet rules and that fact will remain true for a long time.

  1. Interior designing

This industry is viewing some fresh demands now as the construction of commercial properties have risen and more brands are setting up their brick-and-mortar stores. Add to that the current need of modernisation where a high priority is given to the aesthetics of the space around. A huge number of skilled professionals are being recruited by real estate firms, merchandise stores, event planners and interior designing companies themselves. As a graduate in this field with the right mix of creativity, you will always find a job no matter when you pass out. Renewed globalization has given this industry a considerable boost.

  1. Journalism

Journalism has expanded a lot from the conventional TV reporting or writing for a paper. Here again, the digital age has had a profound impact and journalists are suddenly seeing a peak employment phase. People are reading about every available topic due to easy access and high-quality content is receiving appreciation. You can choose a niche, work online or actively go out in the field. The environment has also become less hostile than it was before which is helping the sector to thrive and the diversity your degree provides makes you eligible for a lot of profiles. There are news firms and there are website firms, journalists find jobs everywhere now.

While the opportunity may be unending, only the best polytechnic college in Delhi courses can give you the necessary skills to harness them. Institutes like Polytechnic for Women in South Extension – 1 provides degree and diploma in all the mentioned in-demand courses where the curriculum is designed to fit the modern demands. So, stay away from the conventional, pick up a thriving field and build a career that you have always dreamt of.

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