Top 5 Employable Skills That You Must Develop to Land the Best Job

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As technology continues to become smarter and cheaper, the entire dynamics of the job world will be changing. Employers now look for skills that go beyond your theoretical knowledge, scrutinise your reactions more precisely and prefer candidates who can perfectly complement the existing infrastructure in their company. Almost anyone can bring along the basics of a certain degree but what makes you employable is actually the extras that you can provide. Skills you place on the table that are indeed rare to find and taught only in the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR.

Here is a list of the top 5 such employable skills that recruiters value and you should be working upon. No amount of automation can substitute these. The more proficient you become in these, the better boost will your candidature receive and the higher will be your rate of success. So, buckle up, take note and start building.

  1. Communication according to your audience

Automatic chat robots can also speak using proper grammar. How do you set yourself apart? This is where your communication skills must rise above the commonly accepted norms of speaking and writing where you must considerthe audience in front. For instance, you cannot have the same conversation in an interior designing interview just like a journalism one. Similarly, you cannot send out the same email seeking an advertisement job in one firm as you did for another. You must understand your audience, tweak your communication accordingly and speak on lines of their acceptance. Employers look for this.

  1. Working in a team

This skill doesn’t mean that you become excellent in taking orders and executing them exactly as laid out. Being a team player means helping others in the same project with your unique skills, learning from them in areas you lack and working closely with your supervisor to ensure overall growth. It does include taking orders, but it also involves challenging the same at times and coming up with something better. The best polytechnic colleges in New Delhi will provide you with enough opportunities to learn team-playing skills where you can hone the aspects on a periodic basis.

  1. People management

Probably one of the toughest skills to master and, hence, the most valued in the job world. Computers and algorithms can easily collect and read data and come up with management models that will increase efficiency. But actual execution will always require people skills. You must develop skills of conflict management, motivate other colleagues, critical thinking for increasing efficiency and much more. People management involves understanding the emotions at play which a robot cannot do now. If you possess superior skills here and have some experience to back your claim, you will find an easy entry to the top job.

  1. Creativity and innovation

These, again, are necessary in this world of technology. Innovative solutions to crunch problems and creative ideas for new products will never go out of demand. Every field requires such individuals who can come up with unique approaches to a given market. Employers now value creativity more than ever as the entire world is rapidly moving on to anything that’s new. Be it a new design of a retail store or a new form of displaying ads, an innovative idea is exploding with the right platform. If you have something new to offer, companies will line up for you and you can only keep the chain going by continuing to be innovative.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Self-conduct, in other words. How well you read other people’s reactions, how you react to them, how you conduct yourself in crisis situations and how you influence your surroundings, everything falls under the skill of emotional intelligence. No matter what degree you pursue and what your expertise is, a company will always value an employee who is emotionally intelligent. Reacting to trivial matters or threatening the professional ambiance are never accepted. Hence, you must pinpoint your emotional weaknesses and work hard upon them if you want to land that top job. The current dynamics demands it. Employers have started looking into it.

You will learn all these during your course only among the best institute in the top private polytechnic colleges in Delhi list. Polytechnic for Women College South Extension – 1 qualifies as one such institute. Here, through various events and seminars, you get the opportunity to pick up and sharpen all the modern employable skills along with the conventional necessary ones. Irrespective of the degree you choose, the college closely works with you to set your future right. So, focus on the right areas, do build your knowledge but never miss out on building the skills that companies value now.

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