The Scope of Hospitality Professionals in the Modern Age

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Every industry employs hospitality graduates now. Be it a medical clinic or a law firm, a tech company or a hotel chain, more and more companies are focusing on premier customer service and naturally hospitality graduates are getting jobs. The existing competition in the modern economy is also playing its part in boosting hospitality. Add to that the improved living standards of people and their knack to spend money in diverse areas, you have a sector that has an immense growth opportunity. There is no better time than now to enroll yourself in one of the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR and study hospitality.

Tourism and hospitality are complementing each other

Airfares have dropped all over the world. Governments are investing in funds to market their country’s tourism. People have become more outgoing and exploring the world is just a click away. All these have worked together to amplify the tourism industry which has helped propel the hospitality field as well. Right from booking tickets to the dinner at the beach, hospitality professionals come into play at every step. If people are ready to travel, hotels and travel agents benefit. And if there are good lodging facilities with supreme customer service, people will willingly travel. Hence, the two sectors supplement each other.

Also, tourism now is not restricted to weekend breaks. There is demand for cruise getaways. Medical tourism is on the rise. Conferences and seminars are flying overseas and diplomats are meeting more frequently. Here again, the entire ecosystem requires efficient hospitality professionals to function smoothly and none of the avenues seems to be going dark soon. The scope is most certainly immense as the boom is still on the rise. By the time you pass out from the best institute in the ranking of polytechnic colleges in Delhi, you will land directly at the peak of things.

Event management is in demand now

Even half a decade back, event management hardly had any ground. The term was closely associated with concerts and media events and hospitality graduates had a tough time getting into a niche company. But from there on, fueled by the accessibility of news over social media, event management has gained massive hype. Starting from the launch of a product to big fancy weddings, event managers are called at every instant. This demand has opened up a new line of jobs for hospitality professionals where you can choose to become an event planner or marketing manager.

And core knowledge is never a requirement. All you need are excellent communication skills and market research capabilities, all of which are taught in the hospitality degree. From there on, it is all about experience and sticking to your job and your rise shall see no limits. People and companies now have to focus on extravagance, they have to make things aesthetically pleasing. Event managers take care of these where a few PR skills also come handy. You can work for a firm or open your own setup. The market demand will push your success automatically.

Hospitality opens international doors

People skills have no boundaries. The way you behave with a customer in India also works in France. You can literally apply in foreign companies after your receiving your hospitality degree and join the international market at will. The demand for skilled professionals is on the rise everywhere. Hotel chains and cruise services are coming up without bounds. You can land a job in a multinational firm and relocate to a country you like. Out of all the available degrees, hospitality provides you with the greatest of ease in this segment and if it is integrated with airlines and tourism, your scope becomes even better.

The benefits that come along are also intriguing. Your salary with an international chain will certainly be better than a local firm. You may have travel allowances, meet new people and visit great places. Hospitality places you in a job that is always adventurous and enriching. There’s no cubicle, there’s no target. Your performance will depend on your behaviour. Again, with high demand in the global market, the rise up the hierarchy is fairly easy, so is the shift between companies.

There is your scope

You know that a field is thriving when other auxiliary profiles are regularly coming up along with the existing conventional ones. Hospitality is indeed such a sector. So, delay no more and crack that polytechnic college in Delhi entrance exam. Join an institute like the Polytechnic for Women College South Extension – 1 and get your start right. The management consisting of executive director Sanjana Kalra has designed the curriculum with the help of a rich advisory panel that hands over to you all the necessary modern skills. You become eligible for every sector and are sure to thrive everywhere.


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