Should you Worry About Job Saturation as a Journalism Graduate?

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The first thing that you must have learned in journalism is that a lot of people will always have a lot of opinions. They tend to focus on the bits and pieces of information, form their own version based on those fragments and present a story that is only partly true. So, if you have read somewhere that the journalism jobs are freezing up and the industry is becoming saturated, well chances are good that you are being shown only a single dying tree of the entire blooming forest. Sure, the field is crowded in the 21st century, but if you are passing out from one of the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi and NCR, nothing should be really worrying you.

What exactly is causing the saturation buzz?

A few direct factors, actually.

  • The demand for print media has reduced considerably.
  • Competition for entry-level jobs is at an all-time high.
  • The global economic condition is not that promising.
  • Fewer jobs at the top creating pressure at the bottom.

But each and every one of these parameters has a strong counter-argument.

  • The demand in digital media has inflated significantly.
  • With more competition, more media houses have also opened up.
  • Journalism has always survived in few of the worst global economic downturns.
  • The top jobs are seeing better diversity now.

And this is your whole forest. Every industry is made out of negatives and positives and if you continue to focus on the former, you will miss out on the latter. However, if you reverse your approach, look at all the excitement, you will rise above the saturation buzz. The dynamics of the field is changing and the conventional methods are going out. A new era is dawning on journalism and it requires you to be a part of it. If you possess the skills to fit into the changing needs, you will easily find a job with journalism. But if you stick to the old-school tactics, no one can save you from the so-called job freeze-up.

How should you prepare yourself then?

Media houses want young blood with modern skills and this is where your focus must lie. The basics of journalism will be included in your degree but the best polytechnic colleges in South Delhi will help you to take it further. For instance, based on the current dynamics of the field, a few of these additional skills will make your CV stand apart from all that pile.

  • Mastery in social media and its ad technicalities
  • Basic knowledge of coding and website development
  • Photography and videography skills
  • Intermediate graphic designing knowledge

It is not necessary that you must possess all of these, but a few here and there will help your candidature. If print media is really seeing a downfall, advertisement offers here will certainly cease. But digital media is exploding and brands are advertising aggressively here, and your social media technical skills will come in handy in the media house combined with your journalism degree. A similar concept is applicable for the rest of the skills mentioned above and the connections are somewhat similar.

So, there are really no worries?

Never, for the right journalism graduate. But “right” is the key word here. If you lay back on your chair with a journalism degree with a few added modern skills, the top jobs won’t come and find you. To get the best, you will have to be vigilant. You will have to improve your communication, form strong networks and build a portfolio that will impress the employers. The people who shout about job saturation are the ones who do not go out looking for jobs. If you expect that things will just drop by, you are mistaken. Higher salary, better prospectsrequire hard work and you will have to gruel a bit to reach that landing of success.

Journalism jobs are the ones that pay you to read, to talk to new people, to travel and to write about all of it. Everything that you dreamt about doing when you first took up the degree. A bit of competition makes the process more fulfilling, a bit of struggle makes it adventurous. You become a journalist when you have appetites for these and only then can you become the “right” candidate.

So, get your start right. Select the top institute in the private polytechnic colleges in Delhi list like Polytechnic for Women college South Extension – 1 where the course is integrated with mass communication and advertising. You naturally obtain the modern skills here combined with the basics of journalism. Rise above your created fears, look at the bigger picture and pursue journalism without worries.


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