Should You Study Hospitality Management and Tourism Together?

Hospitality Management

As the economy of the entire world continues to improve and new job profiles come into demand, the thin lines between interrelated sectors are increasingly vanishing at a rapid rate. Two such industries are hospitality and tourism, who have individually enjoyed their own fame in their respective areas but as the standard of living has improved now, fresh sectors are coming into existence that is an amalgamation of both. Luxury travel, corporate tours, destination events are outright results of the hospitality and tourism merger and if you aspire to build a career in any one of these sectors, knowledge in the other is of utmost importance.

Thus, the best polytechnic colleges in New Delhi always teach hospitality management alongside tourism as the upcoming world will look for one in the other. While travelling, people expect a great customer service now and great experience will further encourage those very people to travel more. Both the niches have become complementary and naturally, establishments operating in these sectors look for professionals who come with skills of both.

The current scenario

It is only recently that tourism, as a sector, started gaining ground and people started investing heavily into the industry. Currently, travel and tourism contribute around 8% to the global GDP which is only speculated to rise further. This establishes the fact that tourism will see fresh jobs in the coming years and the existing profiles will receive further escalation. Without a doubt, this is one field where new graduates can always expect to make a successful career.

Now, when combined with hospitality, tourism becomes more niche. You can work in areas that are still in its infant stages with hardly any professionals available and naturally the demand for skilled candidates is more than merely impressive. Expect to gain expertise, draw exciting salaries and work in areas that are beyond exciting. New profiles have flexibility with massive potential for future growth and scalability. In other words, the amount of success that you would have driven towards yourself just by studying hospitality or tourism will amplify when you choose those polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR where both are integrated together. 

The options available

If you are convinced that the combined degree of hospitality and tourism is the right choice for you, here are a few career options that will wait for you right after graduation:

  1. Entertainment manager

Travel and leisure are now more than just about simply landing on another location and relaxing. People engage in activities that often require curation based on the taste and sentiment of the travelling groups. With your social skills from hospitality and tourism skills from the travel subjects, you are always first in line to secure a job as an entertainment manager.

  1. Food and beverages guide

Such a profile will require you to guide your guests through the local cuisines, plan their meal for a special occasion or advice the right mix of beverages to suit their holiday spirit. The resorts and cruises require a food and beverage guide. You will not be the chef, nor will you be the travel planner. You will be someone in between bringing the two together.

  1. Travel counsellor

There are also jobs where people come to you for advice to help them plan their travel itinerary. You will have to understand their expectations, continuously communicate and fit into their sentiment. Obviously, here again, hospitality should be your primary skills which must sit upon the knowledge of tourism. Travel counsellors currently have jobs almost everywhere.

  1. Event planner

One of the most certain profiles that you can go for after passing out from the top institute in the list of private polytechnic colleges in Delhi with an integrated degree of hospitality and tourism. Rise of destination events has currently exploded where occasions from weddings to business meets are all relocating. Such consumers demand professionals who can take care of their travel plans, organise the event and give them a seamless experience.

And this list is certainly not exhaustive. That time is gone when hospitality and tourism jobs solely relied on experience. The modern profiles require higher education, technical expertise and a thorough understanding of the consumer sentiment.

The best way

Integrated degrees work to give you that upper hand which you seldom get with the individual subjects. And this is why the top colleges like the Polytechnic for Women College combine the related fields into one degree. Director Mr.Kanwaljit Singh and Executive Director Ms.Sanjana Kalra recognises the needs of the future and craft the college’s curriculum as per the modern demands. You will always get the necessary exposure, the resources to build your skills and land jobs that you deserve. Be a part of the current trends while pursuing your degrees. The world is shifting to something new and so should you.

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