Should you Focus on Advertising along with Journalism?

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One might say that one is very different from the other. Journalists can never become advertisers and advertisers can never have the flair for journalism. The distinction is very clear and merging the two fields is seldom possible. But these are stories from a few decades ago when the internet was yet to take over and the field was yet to get this competitive. Television still ruled the advertising sector while print was dominant in journalism. Now, the digital advancement has taken both the industries to new levels and just like any other unrelated sectors, the overlap between the two is clearly becoming visible.

So, if you are striving to become a news reporter, an editor or an anchor, along with journalism, you must focus on advertising as well. Maybe even mass communication. Times have changed and so has the fields and one person with one expertise is no longer the trend. The more skills you can boast of, the better will be your prospects and opportunities will wait for you when you pass out from the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR with an integrated degree.

The new era of advertising

Journalism and advertising had clear-cut job roles during the age of print and television media. Journalists researched and focussed on reporting quality news that the readers and viewers would engage with. Based on the customer base, the advertising department would bring home brands who were keen to display their ads to those readers and viewers who came because of the news. The trend kind of continued throughout the phase where the internet and digital media started to take over and now, where people are more aware and block off ads, advertising has shifted to a whole new level.

Industry experts call it brand integration, where the brand’s name is meaningfully placed within the content so that readers and the viewers do not feel that an ad is being forcibly placed before them. This is where the skills of journalism and advertising are merging. Even though you do not have to approach the bidders yourself, it will be your responsibility to understand the need of the brand and frame the content on those lines. With people opting for ad blockers are turning away from content with too many ads placed across it, brand integrated advertising technique is the new era. That being established, it is only natural to conclude that only those journalism graduates will thrive in the future who also have advertising as part of their major.

The new era of journalism

Advertising is not the only field that has evolved. Journalism has as well. Here, let’s start directly from the age where the internet and the digital world has already taken over. Technology made taking feedback easier. You can now post content, see its engagement rate in real-time, find out which geographic locations brought in more traffic and which age group connected more. Previously, all these were impossible to accumulate in a day and generally needed a whole department. Now, your readers and viewers can express themselves directly in the comments below and give you your desired feedback in a matter of minutes.

To fit into this new age of journalism, you must sit for only those polytechnic college in Delhi entrance exam where the institutions have the scope to teach you such reformed formats. Along with becoming a great writer and a reporter, you must pick up advertising skills to read into your audience, craft a content that will connect with them and lead to more engagement. These were not vital requisites before merely because the information was not easily available. Now, it is there just after a click of a button and you must decode them properly. Media houses look for professionals with such multi-dimensional skills. Again, expertise in just one area is no longer a trend. The new era in both fields is here. You will have to fit in.

Advertising must complement journalism

And that is the statement you should look for while researching the fee structure of polytechnic colleges in Delhi. Integrated course is the way now where journalism is taught along with advertising and mass communication. This exact combination is available at Polytechnic for Women College where the management consisting of director Kanwaljit Singh and Sanjana Kalra bring in their far-sightedness into the institution to offer you futuristic courses and help your career. At such colleges, you pick up all the required skills, the additional skills, and the skills that media houses look for. Your degree is complete and your career doesn’t have to look back. Be precise, be selective. Go for that college which complements your core degree.

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