Preparing for Interviews: 8 Mistakes You Cannot Make as a Graduate

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Interviews will come knocking at your doors pretty soon once you pass out from one of the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi. And no matter how much subject knowledge you possess or what grades your marksheets show, it is always the tiniest details that decide your fate. Fresh graduates and even a few seasoned ones focus so much on the do-s of an interview that the don’t-s hardly find any ground. Eventually, the things that you didn’t do or didn’t say become the major roadblocks.

So, take note of these 8 common mistakes that graduates tend to make during their interviews and try your very best to stay clear. At times, the details are so minuscule that it is very easy to miss. Be on your guard and make smart choices.

  1. Being truthful about everything

You may hear this a lot that you cannot lie in an interview hall but in reality, what you cannot do is inflate the facts that can be cross-verified. For instance, you cannot put in wrong figures about your marks or previous salary, but you can definitely make up an answer. If you have to narrate a fictional story to prove your point, that is absolutely okay.

  1. Dressing up inappropriately

Even a smudge on your shoe counts. Your attire will create the first impression on the interviewers. So, take ultimate care in maintaining the proper code. Select neutral and professional colours, carry a decent folder and look organised. The recruiters are looking to hire someone who can portray a good image of their company.

  1. Going into the hall without proper research

Focus on the word “proper” here. Just reading the firm’s about page online or knowing where they do business is never enough. These are easy to find materials. You must take your time to dig deeper, find out as much information as you can and use them to your benefit. The skill to research is valued everywhere and you must show it in the hall.

  1. Leave without asking questions

Ending the interview may help to calm your nerves but you should never leave without asking the interviewers questions. And refrain from asking random unrelated questions to your profile. Create a set beforehand, choose points that you couldn’t find during your research and intelligently frame your words to throw off your employers.


  1. Or leave without negotiating

There is always a better offer on the table if you are the right candidate. And this is where studying in one of the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR comes in handy as you learn the art of negotiation. Maybe for a better role or a higher pay slab, there is never any harm in asking. You may be desperate for the job but something better will always help you.

  1. Being unclear about your skills

When the interviewers ask you why should they hire you, your reply as an interior designer cannot be because you are creative. Neither hard-working, dedicated, punctual can work as answers as they have become too mainstream. You must be clear about your skills, state only those that the job requires and back every point with an anecdote.

  1. Not cleaning up your social media

Employers will check your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Hence, a thorough cleaning up is necessary. Everyone has a few embarrassing pictures or stories that they do not want their potential recruiters to see. Take your time to change your privacy settings. Do not block out people completely. Show a few professional posts while hiding the rest.

  1. Ignoring to follow up after the interview

This can make your chance or break it. And graduates do ignore in sending a follow-up email. After coming back home, take a moment to thank the people present for the great learning experience that you had during your interview session. Even when you did not get the job, your follow up email will ingrain your name in the employer’s mind. This can turn into an opportunity later.

The best polytechnic college in Delhi Saket will keep you aware of all such minor interview mistakes. Polytechnic for Women College South Extension – 1 is such an institute where students are periodically prepared to face interviews in the right way. You will have mock sessions where you can brush up your skills and take note of the unintentional mistakes. Practice does make things perfect and, in such colleges, you will have the chance to amp up your skills, irrespective of the degree you select. Again, steer of these easy-to-miss blunders and ace your next interview.

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