Is Your Future Bright as A Mass Communication Graduate?

Communication Graduate

Mass communication is probably one of those very few degrees for which the answer can be a hard yes. The advent of the internet has transformed the entire dynamics of the job world and the profiles that are seeing steep growth actually require mass comm skills. Shrinking of global boundaries, rapidly developing national economy and the technological advancement of every field is boosting the sector of mass communication as a whole. So, currently, if you are about to pass out from one of the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi and NCR with a degree in mass comm, be assured that your future is as bright as the sun.

How does the mass communication industrylook like?

Take a few steps back to over a couple of decades ago. The only jobs available for mass communication graduates were on television or in newspapers. Fast forward to now, you can choose among public relations, digital marketing, event management, travel and tourism, digital broadcasting, photography, advertising, blogging and the list goes on. Every niche currently has a demand to reach out to a maximum number of people, to create a great outreach, and to generate brand awareness. And thoseare the core principles of mass communication. The demand is only going to grow in the coming years and more and more companies will start stepping into the modern foray.

Plus, to help the situation further, India’s rapid economic development is also playing its part in attracting big international brands to the country. Already, competition has reached its peak in every sector where local companies are constantly tussling with the multinational names to beat the market. More players are resulting in a boost in their advertisement investment which is indirectly creating a lot of jobs for the mass communication graduates. The trend may have shifted to digital but the demand in marketing and advertising is as high as ever. This establishes that the current situation is indeed hopeful, which should give you some insight into the future.

Is the future really that bright?

While every job sector has seen its ups and downs, the field of digital marketing is continuously advancing and expanding. In view of this, the best polytechnic college in South Extension Delhi will always integrate your mass communication course with advertising and journalism giving you both sales and writing skills. If you keep your focus in the digital arena, work to become a part of a digital advertising firm, your future is really set at least for the next decade. The only hiccup you may feel is that the field is highly dynamic where new technologies appear every year. As long as you can work to keep up with the changing needs, your job is pretty much settled.

Moving over to the other sectors like public relations or event management, the growing economy will not allow these fields to dry out. Every big smartphone company has to maintain its status at the top spot and will have to invest heavily in PR. Be it a product launch, new technology or CSR, they will have to send out the right word to a lot of people and will require the skills of a mass communication graduate. Photojournalism will continue to need new stories every day, broadcasting will have to find new ways to advertise products. In reality, the answer about mass comm’s future is clear– it is brighter than it ever was.

Then, the degree is enough to settle your career?

The right answer to this actually a combination of both yes and no. You will want to get your degree from the best polytechnic college in Delhi Saket to take advantage of the college’s brand value. This in itself will open many doors. Along with this, you will have to keep an eye out to join only those companies who have successfully moved along with the modern trends. For instance, the future of radio may appear grim but its current version, known as podcasts, is rapidly rising. The same is applicable for television soap advertisement shifting to digital video-on-demand and retail shopping changing to e-commerce. Get yourdegree, but also get the right job.

Institutes like the Polytechnic for Women college can give you the start you need. The degree is integrated to hand over to you all the necessary skills. Plus, you get all the required exposures right during your course, get to judge the market with the help of workshops and evaluate your strengths through numerous college events. At the end of your degree, you will rarely be confused as to what exactly you want to do and successfully get a job with the right company. Mass communication now is like the computer science of the 2000s. The boom is here and the peak is yet to come.

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