Interior Designing: Careers and Scopes after your Degree Course

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Interior designing is probably one of the most in-demand and rising career options in the current age where the standard of living is improving exponentially and people are willingly investing in leisure activities. An interior design graduate from one of the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR will have a massive number of career opportunities waiting for him/her across multiple industries. The scenario is very different only a decade ago but the present is the best time to pass out and follow your dreams in interior designing.

This post gives you a brief idea about the myriad of careers and scopes available to you after your Degree. With the right set of skills, you can easily land a job in the sector of your choice and grow faster in the hierarchy as compared to any other traditional jobs. The work profile is exciting, the lifestyle is fun and you will get everything that you want from your profession.

Scope in conventional career options:

Be it residential or commercial, leisure or entertainment, every space in the modern market needs to hire a proficient interior designer. The typical jobs that you can land with an interior designing Degree include:

  • Gallery or exhibition designer
  • Visual merchandising designer
  • Spatial designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Production designing manager
  • Architectural designer

And so on. The profiles are suggestive of the fact that options are open across almost all industries.

For instance, you can be a spatial designer for a hotel chain or some commercial property. As an exhibition designer, you can be hired for posh-level workshops or fashion shows. In the current age of competition, there is no dearth of PR meets and events or simply the need to design a better space than a near competitor. The demand for interior designers is very high in the current age and the figures are only going to rise with time to come.

On the other hand, if you take the individual profiles in specific industries, your scopes are promising there as well. The profile of visual merchandising has seen exponential growth in recent years where brands have internationalised their businesses and are setting up stores in every possible location. There is also an increase in the number of business who are investing in brick and mortar stores with the telecom industry also joining the fray. More space is equivalent to more need of designers and the number of jobs is only going to increase.

Scope in unconventional career options:

Getting your Degree from the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi list opens up the unconventional career options for you as well. You can work as a:

  • 3D model maker
  • Stylist
  • Portfolio designer
  • Blogger or graphitic artist
  • Freelancer
  • Consultant

And much more. These paths are a result of the technological development leading to shrinking boundaries and every avenue is as intriguing as any other.

Take the example of freelancing as an interior designer. An employer in a foreign land can easily send you the ideas of his/her space and you can send over the design electronically. The best colleges will give you all the technical skills necessary and you can easily fit in the current market. The same is applicable to the profile of a 3D model maker. Many realtors hire interior designers just to build a 3D model of the space available solely for marketing purposes. You can pitch in and earn daily.

You may also choose to combine your conventional job with an unconventional one. Along with being a spatial designer for a particular firm, you can either blog on the side or work as a consultant. These can generate extra income without you having to work in a different sector. In short, you will have more career options than you can currently fathom and the scopes only get brighter from here.

Get the right start and build your skills

A job is always available for the right candidate. You will need to get the right start, build all the necessary skills and work hard to make yourself employable. The top polytechnic colleges in Delhi and NCR like the Polytechnic for Women, South Extension – 1 offers one the best Degree courses in interior designing where the curriculum is crafted as per the current market needs. They sport a high rate of placement and house one of the top faculty teams among all others. Your college is where you build your initial expertise and this primary choice has to be right.

And as you go through your Degree, think about the career path and the sector you want to work in. Select your additional subjects accordingly and focus on the industry-specific abilities. With time, more and more companies will need interior designers as the economy advances and travelling becomes cheap. Make sure you have your Degree by then and a CV showing the precise expertise. So, enroll into the best college and build a successful career.

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