Integrated Courses: Does Expertise in More than One Stream Help You?

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Being experts in a specific field is truly a thing of the past. Current employers of the top firms prefer the Jacks and Jills of all trades. They like candidates with multiple domain knowledge, giving them the option to shift you around among their departments and extract the maximum return from you. A journalist with advertising skills will always stand out. A hospitality graduate with the potential to fit into the airlines sector without further training is bound to draw attention. Multiple expertise is in demand now and the best way to obtain the same is through integrated courses.

The top private polytechnic colleges in Delhi list will offer you the perfect combination of relevant subjects within your course. You naturally get a head start as compared to others and develop the necessary skills during your college years. Going for the integrated approach has numerous benefits attached to it which can truly help your professional career in ways unimaginable.

You successfully beat all the competition

Continuing with the example of journalism and advertising, both individual fields are substantially flooded going by the trend of the current times. As a fresher with your degree just in journalism, you will have to start with the pack. But if you add advertising, it means you are bringing in a certain amount of sales skills, the ability to copy-write and play with the emotions of the readers in a very subtle way.

These will enable you to explore the field of online journalism, which is very different from print media and demands skills that you will have. A similar concept is applicable to advertising as well. Naturally, you rise above all the existing competition.

You can adapt to changing situations

No one has control over changing economic conditions. Even the mammoths among the top firms suffer loses and are forced to shut down a few departments. If such adversities do come up in the future, your bank of multiple domain knowledge will act as your shield.

You can easily hop around departments, move horizontally to any other stream or shift to a different company in a totally different sector as you will have the degree for it. No matter what external factors are working to make the times difficult, you will always have a way open. You can adapt, modify and fit anywhere you like.

You can target emerging markets

Say you have a degree in hospitality that is integrated with travel and airlines. This means that you can apply for jobs with the emerging travel agents that the market boom is effectively boosting. You can become a part of a company’s expansion plans, work in a portfolio that is completely new and ask for salaries that people seldom get.

Emerging markets have the greatest advantage of high demand and low professionals. This combination always opens lucrative doors for fresh graduates. Passing out with an integrated course from one of the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR will place you right in front of such opportunities from where on you can only rise.

You always have your options open

With an integrated course, you will always be in a position to evaluate your likes and dislikes throughout your entire professional career. Early on, you can easily decide that mass communication is not your piece of cake and move ahead strictly with advertising as your integrated degree gave you exposure in both.

Later in your professional career, you may choose to branch out, pick up a niche or explore something new. Without spending time in obtaining another separate degree, you can easily become an event planner leaving advertising behind as mass comm was included in your graduation. You may never need it but having your options open is always beneficial.

So, select integrated courses wherever possible

And go for that college in the list of private polytechnic colleges in Delhi who offer you the best combinations. Often, integrated courses offer you a master’s degree which means you automatically pass out a grade higher with all the expertise you will ever need. Sanjana Kalra, the executive director of Polytechnic for Women College, has designed the integrated courses of this institute to provide you with all the right benefits. You get the option to pursue the degree of your passion combined with the auxiliary subjects that will boost your professional chances.

Select such a college where you are bound to get the required head start. Diversify your knowledge and then land into the corporate world. Integrated courses are the way to go. Make sure you get it from the best institute.

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