How to Build a Career in Home Decor?

As a branch, home decor may share its roots with interior decoration but this does not mean that you cannot make a career out of it separately. Recently, the home decor industry has skyrocketed in demand in the West and the same is visible all across India too. People are investing not only in buying new homes but they are also spending to make them look beautiful. And with all the technological advancements and free flow of information, some prefer to do it themselves and resort to home decor operatives rather than full-fledged interior decorators. This is where your expertise can come in and this is where you can set up shop as a home decor professional.

The path to building a career in home decor is actually straight-forward. But you must keep this in mind that you cannot gain the required expertise without proper training. The first step, naturally, is to join a home decor course in one of the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi and NCR from where on you can build on your skills and join the industry. During and after your course, you will typically have to take the following route.

Figure out your interest early

Even home decor has many branching tributaries where you can converge your skills to a specific niche and become an expert in that area. So, while pursuing your course, figure out which section of home decor would you like to work in. You can choose to become a redecorator, that is to move the existing things around and make the space look beautiful, or you can work in restoration who transforms a collapsing room into an aesthetic marvel.

There is also the question of focusing your interests on domestic spaces or the corporate world and all these answers you must figure out early. The sooner you know, the better skills you will pick up and the more expertise you will gain by eliminating the fringe subjects.

Intern at a home decoration firm

There are actually specific businesses solely focused on the home decoration industry and these are the best places to start your career. You can land an internship while pursuing your course as the brand value of the top polytechnic colleges in New Delhi work to amplify your candidature. While in the program, you can pick up sales skills, understand what the market is looking for and keep notes which products catch the customer’s eye and which ones stand as rejected pieces. While in a job, you can take your learning from the course to the field and test your knowledge out to sharpen your abilities.

A proper blend will build expertise in you that is above average and you can slowly move towards a permanent job with all the proficiency you gather. Home decoration firms are generally smaller than their interior decoration counterparts, but the experience you gain is by no means any less valuable.

Use the internet to your advantage

You may also use social media to test out your knowledge and skills and start working in the field in your own capacity. For instance, you can use social media to sell your self-designed items or research into contemporary designs that are being circulated in the current market. You may also offer consultancy, help someone in need to decorate their home or participate in an online community to discuss the home decor industry. The purpose of all these is to add to your bag of skills, modify your creativity as per the market and maybe, catch the attention of the right person out there who is currently hiring.

Again, stick to the interest you decided upon and keep working on your abilities on these lines. If you manage to sell a few products online while pursuing your course, many employers out there will gladly consider it as your work experience.

And the job will always be waiting

A certificate in home decor training from the top college in the list of private polytechnic colleges in Delhi will make you eligible for the top jobs. The right start is important for working in any creative field. Training is primary to ace the subjects and lay a foundation. Institutes like the Polytechnic for Women College can perfectly fit for needs where the home decor course is aptly designed to make a professional out of you. The college functioning under the director, Mr. Kanwaljit Singh, and the executive director, Ms. Sanjana Kalra, follows a curriculum that adheres to industry needs and even their short courses share the benefits. Begin your career in home decor by enrolling into the right college. And then see where the stream of the field takes you.

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