How to Build a Career in Advertising? 5 Things You Must Do

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With the advent of the internet combined with all the technological advances, the advertising sector is probably one of the few to have seen an exponential growth. Even today, the demand for professionals is hardly seeing a downward curve and new agencies are cropping up at every corner. Foreign companies are readily outsourcing their work, new platforms are coming up with new advertising opportunities. The current times are the best environment to build a career in advertising and when done right, can take to unimaginable heights of success.

Here is a list of 5 things you must do and focus on to become the professional that employers want to hire. You must develop the necessary skills, stand out from your peers and have the abilities to tackle the rapidly expanding industry. So, become a pro advertiser, you must:

  1. Build an in-depth subject knowledge

Although advertising may seem like a more application-based stream, you must take your time to build your subject knowledge. While pursuing a degree course from the best polytechnic college in Delhi after 10th, you will be exposed to subjects like customer preference and psychology, marketing models, history of advertising and so on. Having a deep know-how of these will help you to read the current market better and come up with a working advertising campaign. Only through proper theoretical knowledge can you expect to excel in the application.

  1. Develop specific skills based on the avenue of your choice

As an advertising graduate, you will be eligible to take up a job either in the creative department or the media department or even in the production house. Research into the profiles of each and decide which job suits you better. Accordingly, focus on the area-specific skills and work on them during your degree course. For instance, the creative sector may require you to have excellent graphic designing skills. The demand for the production job is photography or videography. Similarly, media houses require analysis and financial skills to fit the profile.

  1. Work for college events or magazines

Nothing can give you a better real-world experience than being actively involved in college events or working for the on-campus magazines. The best polytechnic colleges in Delhi provide their students with the opportunity to have hands-on experience in advertising by allowing them to interact directly with potential investors and coming up with their own campaigning plan. Take up every prospect that comes your way and become an active member of such events. You will develop a fair idea about what the market looks for, how investors analyse your brand and so on.

  1. Attend workshops and seminars

Pursuing your degree from a college in one of the metro cities give you access to a host of workshops and seminars on a daily basis. These industry-specific events are meant to train young minds and give them the necessary exposure. You can interact with field experts, exchange ideas with your peers and pick up unconventional tricks. You may also take the opportunity to network with influential people to expand your chances of landing a job and showcase your skills at every available prospect. Your college will distribute brochures of top events and often provide you with the necessary access.

  1. Intern in an advertising agency

Paid or unpaid, you should never give up the chance to intern with an advertising agency. Internships fill your knowledge gap by adding experience to your CV and you become the professional that employers would easily hire. If you are pursuing any of the best polytechnic courses in Delhi after 10 class in advertising or a degree course in the same field, landing an internship with any of the top media houses will be easy. From there on, it is all about diligently learning the trade and working your way up. These are often the best times to understand your skills and potentials while being in a job where the responsibilities are not too taxing and the scope of learning is immense.

In short, the better you utilise your time during your degree course, the better the job scope you will have later. Institutes like the Polytechnic for Women, South Extension – 1 will guide you all along and provide you with all the resources you will ever need. Be it building your subject knowledge or developing industry-specific skills, your development in such colleges will be all-around. So, take the first step right and find the best college for your advertising degree. Step into a booming market and gain limitless success.

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