How to Align Your Passion and Profession (And Select a Degree Accordingly)?

Journalism Graduates

Finding the degree that you will absolutely love, following your passion as your profession, being excited about going to work – these are what most students aim for while enrolling themselves into college. Aligning your passion with a profession with no mere feat. What you like now may change in a matter of years. And then, doing something over and over again that does not give you any excitement may become painful beyond explanation. Hence, you must dig out your interests early, select a degree on those lines and pursue a career that will allow you to explore your passion every day.

How can you do that? Let’s find out.

Look for what excites you

There is, in fact, a very thick line in between your interests and your excitements. A particular subject may strike temporary interest in you that you are okay to read about for a few days. But when you find a topic truly exciting, researching into it becomes an involuntary habit. You will unintentionally be attracted to read more, spend sleepless nights thinking about it or become restless if you are not doing something involving the subject. This is your passion and this should be your career. Immediately apply to one of the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi to have your brand value and get a right start to your career.

Play to your strengths

Not everyone is fortunate enough during their school life to pinpoint the subject that excites them. In such a case, try to find out your strengths. Are you a good writer? Or is your communication skill the best in school? Do like to design clothes or the rooms in your house? Introspect on your skills and think about your strong points. Then, select a degree that will enable you to fit into the subject perfectly without much trying. Painters have great imaginations which are perfect for the fashion or interior decorating industry. Smartness and humourare good for marketing. Similarly, you can go for journalism if writing is all that you like to do.

Think beyond the conventional

This will really help you to consider all your options. Most students have the tendency to follow the conventional fields and degrees that they already know about. The paths that have a fixed route and success is only guaranteed by the books. But in today’s age, you can literally follow anything you want to and still make it to the same peak. You can choose a career based on your daily habits and still draw a six-figure income. So, while selecting your degree, do your very best to cross out the conventional options and consider other areas for a moment. If even after that, the conventional ones seem right for you, then go ahead. Otherwise, crack the polytechnic college in Delhi entrance examand pursue your choice.

Make sure you like the sides as well

Only creativity cannot make you a great fashion designer. Just writing skills is not enough in journalism. Do some research to check what other skills you are required to have to follow those careers and make sure that you are up for it. The fashion designing industry, for instance, will require you to have proficiency in technology, read a lot about the field and also work in a highly competitive environment. If you are okay with these, then pick fashion as your subjects. If not, you can always find another degree that requires creativity and get your graduation there. Follow the research route no matter what your choice is.

Do not hesitate to shift

You can pursue advertising or journalism even as a science student. You can major in mass communication after getting your bachelors in literature. There is really no hard and fast rule that you have to stick to your core subjects in order to succeed in the professional world. Every experience of yours will count, every subject knowledge can come in handy. Never hesitate to make the shift if you feel like exploring and enrol yourself in one of the top polytechnic colleges in New Delhi. Good institutes will build your foundation, help you to complement your current degree with your previous major and enable you to find the right job.

So, leave the race

And really take your time to come to a decision. But do keep in mind that your college will always play an important role in creating your subject knowledge so that you can effectively run your passion and profession along. Institutes like the Polytechnic for Women College can serve as the right fit. Here, the degrees are designed to serve your ambitions in the true sense and the resources available give you all the required exposures. You will have solid skills, the employable ones, and pursue what you really like. Take the leap early, chase your dreams and never compromise on your passion.

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