Hostel Facility in Colleges and the Things You Should Look Into

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Education cannot take its true shape if your life away from classrooms is not healthy and peaceful. And while studying in the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi, your life away from classrooms will generally be at hostels. Thus, it goes without saying that the hostel facilities of your selected college must also be top-class and must receive equal scrutiny from you like the college’s faculty strength and curriculum. If your hostel life does not sit well with you, you can never concentrate well in the classrooms and your degree will suffer.

So, look into the following things while selecting a college based on its hostel only. A few basic amenities must be present to assure you a healthy quality of living. If all these boxes are ticked, that college is right for you and education then can reach its true potential.

  1. The living space

The rooms, to be more specific. Every room must come with the basic set of furniture a student need. A bed, a private wardrobe, study table, and a chair – these are must-haves. Plus, in case the room is sharing, there should be sufficient space between the furniture of adjacent students so that everyone gets their necessary personal space. The top hostels will facilitate for all and these are the first things that you should look into.

  1. The warden and her availability

The warden is the hostel’s supervisor. She is incharge of all the happenings of the hostel premises and you must take all your issues to her. Naturally, she must be available at all times, should be receptive of your communication and take active steps in implementing your suggestions. Check on the college’s site or ask the authorities directly about the functions of the hostel warden. Then, decide accordingly.

  1. Safety and security

Another aspect that simply cannot have any loopholes. Right from having clear boundaries to CCTV cameras in the corridors, your selected hostel must have top-notch security installations. If you are looking into the hostels of the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR, this will rarely be an issue. Such colleges maintain their hostels within the college premises, invests heavily on security and do not leave any room for compromises.

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene

No corner of your selected hostel can be unhygienic. Be it your rooms or the dining area, cleanliness and hygiene should be the college’s top priority. Here again, you can cordially ask the management about the frequency of cleaning the hostel premises, source of drinking water in the college or how many cleaning personnel does the college employ. These should give you an idea about the hygiene factor of the hostel.

  1. Indoor amenities

Good hostels are happening premises. There is generally a gallery like room called the common room where students can gather to interact and indulge in various activities. Your selected hostel must also have such facilities along with indoor games, maybe a small library and a reading section. All these help to improve your social life within the hostel and indirectly benefit in your college education.

  1. Group activities

Very few hostels allow community activities like occasional outings and picnics. These may not seem important at first but are very necessary to make you feel at home when you are actually staying away from home. Indulging with your peers in a different environment keeps your daily life exciting, creates motivation to pursue your course and boosts your concentration levels. So, look for such group activities in your selected hostel.

  1. Discipline and decorum

Every hostel must have strict guidelines as per the way to live inside the premises. Rules and regulations ensure student safety to massive levels, maintain a peaceful environment and develops a disciplines lifestyle. Without decorum, it is easy to lose focus on the true motive of living in the hostel as unnecessary distractions creep in and attention shifts away from education. Proper discipline and decorum are vital in all college hostels.

Take your time in picking a college while looking for the best polytechnic courses in Delhi after 10. Every aspect will affect your education and hostel facilities do top the list here. Colleges like the Polytechnic for Women College maintains such a high level of living standards in its hostels where you are sure to find every parameter mentioned here. The authorities are vigilant about their students’ quality of life inside the college and it is visible in the PfW hostels. When you select the perfect hostel, these years will become memorable to you. And, of course, your education will also reach unimaginable heights.

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