Higher Studies in Fashion Designing: Is it Right for You?

Fashion Designing Career

A master’s degree in fashion designing? Is it really required? Such questions often cloud a student’s mind especially in a field where the notion remains that creativity and innovation surpass your degree level. Naturally, many students give up on higher studies in fashion and move along the general trend of joining a job or landing an internship. More often than not, the thought process revolves around what others are doing and the absurdness of the very idea. Whether you should pursue a master’s degree in fashion, in reality, depends on your take of the subject and has nothing to do with what the sector demands.

For instance, many of the top fashion designers are doing well without a higher degree. Some went on to become a student again to explore more into the subject. Others opted for a master’s degree immediately after their undergraduate course to develop their required level of creativity and take more time to enter into this competitive field. Higher studies can only further your knowledge, channelise your expertise and give you a clear path. Should you decide to pursue it, your decision seldom will be wrong.

How to understand if masters is the right path?

A diploma or degree course in fashion from one of the best polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR will form your basic foundation in the stream. You will learn everything there is to know about fashion and you will be ready to join the job world. But if you feel that you are more interested in a particular segment of fashion than the broader industry, that is your first cue to pursue masters. It can be fashion journalism or fashion psychology, a specific stream that rises above designing and creating.

Similarly, many opt for a master’s degree to build their knowledge base further and explore more into the subject. An internship will give you a hands-on experience while the job will put you into the corporate structure. If you think that your creativity deserves a bit more time to explore deeper, higher education is your calling. Here, you can create based on your taste and do not have to customise according to the client. You can freely research, delve into fashion’s history and come up with brilliant ideas.

But, is there a market for master degree holders?

Arriving two years late into the market does not hurt your chances of finding a job. On the contrary, as you now hold expertise in a particular branch of fashion, you stand apart from the general crowd and the added skills work to your benefit. Having a master’s degree from the best polytechnic colleges in New Delhi will give you the necessary edge and the brand value of your institute will make you employable in the market. As fashion expands and grows into new areas, the demand for master degree holders is only going to rise.

You can bring back some extinct fashion by studying fashion’s history. Your masters in fashion psychology will enable you to work in the consultant post of big brands. You can choose marketing, textile material and even entertainment to work in and the focused study of your master’s degree will help you to develop the required know-how. Having a higher degree will only improve your chances to land a job as opposed to the common notion that students hold.

When is the right time to pursue masters?

The confusion arises in whether you should continue your studies and pursue the master’s degree in fashion right after your undergraduate course or come back later after a few years in a job. Here again, the decision is yours and how you end up feeling after your undergrad degree. The best polytechnic colleges in Delhi Private like Polytechnic for Women ,South Extension – 1 offer both bachelor’s and master’s degree in the same institute to allow you a smooth transition. If you are feeling the need for higher education, it is advisable that you complete it in the flow.

However, if you are unsure of the stream of fashion that you want to pursue your masters in, you can very well join a job or internship and come back later. This enables you to find your passion, work out every avenue and then decide on further studies. You will have the field experience which will benefit you in many ways as you seek to research deeper.

So, remove all your doubts about higher studies in fashion and go along with your desire. Understand how you want to bend the market to reach success and walk accordingly. Find the right college and get started.

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