Does your College Choice Affect your Career Prospects? Find out!

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The first task of every student fresh out of school is to naturally target a college with a big brand name. Somehow, the tendency has stuck on for generations where students naturally assume that only in the premier institutes can they receive the highest quality of education. With that, will come along a shining career where the paycheck will touch the roofs and entry into the top firm will be that easy. In reality, passing out of big names does make your life easier, but it does not mean that it is your sure ticket to success.

The entire dynamics of the corporate world has changed. As companies continue to expand, they are bringing in more workforce and are looking beyond the selected pool. However, this does not mean that you select the first college you get without evaluating the others as now there are that many institutes to provide you the degree you need. No one can blatantly refute that a top private polytechnic college in South Delhi can get you the best of jobs. But then again, the college name cannot be your only weapon.

Employers now value skills along with your college name

The increasing competition for a selected few posts is compelling employers to dig a little deeper. They do not just assume that you will possess all the necessary skills just because you got your degree from a top-tier college. Your knowledge will be tested, your abilities will be evaluated. You may very well have to sit with other candidates and go through the same recruitment process. The point here is, that the outside world does not become easier with a choice of a top college. You will have to work hard on your skills to make yourself employment-worthy.

A bit of website maintaining knowledge will help your cause as a journalist. Some computer skills will boost your chances as an interior designer. Digital marketing know-how will help mass comm graduates and copywriting for advertising aspirants. Such extra skills will naturally place you before anyone coming with the same degree, irrespective of the institute from where it was procured. If you can speak well, present your case and convince the employer that you are the right candidate, your institute’s brand name will hardly ever matter.

But recruiters do prefer candidates from a top college

As many companies agree that students coming from the top names are almost always certain to bring the skills they want. The employers do not feel the need to go any further as the cream always enters through their doors. If you manage to land yourself a top college to get your degree, you will naturally receive some amount of preferential treatment. For it is not unknown that the top polytechnic college in Delhi South-Ex will always house the best faculty with the best of resources made available. Irrespective of the market situation, no employer can bring himself to overlook this fact.

The standard of education is higher in the top colleges. The exposure is better as compared to the others. You actually learn your subjects, knowledge will not be evaluated based on grades and teachers will take their time to provide individual guidance. With so many resources at hand, a student from a top institute rarely becomes unfit for a job. Their CVs get that obvious edge as they have already been competing in one of the best educational environments. This argument proves that college name ultimately does matter, as you will always want some benefit assisting you in this challenging job market.

Then, what is the right answer?

Your optimal choice will be to combine the best of both worlds. You will want to select a top institute to get your degree and simultaneously work on your skills to become employable. This combination will actually keep you in front in your career and help you to get to the place where you want to be. One single factor cannot alone bring you the necessary success. College name will take you to a certain extent and so will your skills, but their combination will actually enable you to have a prosperous career.

Institutes like Polytechnic for Women’s College South Extension – 1 fall into the category which fulfills all your required parameters. The standard of education is comparable to the top-brass names and you will have the provisions to work on skills that employers look for. So, take your time to decide on your college, prepare accordingly for polytechnic colleges in Delhi entrance exam and enroll yourself in that institute that will make this whole topic irrelevant. Let others lose their sleep over colleges and careers. You settle yourself where you are sure to get both.

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