Diploma or Degree: Where is the Current Demand?

Polytechnic courses in Delhi after 10

Should you get a diploma in a particular subject or a degree? Is giving one more year to college valid or should you directly learn in the field? Such questions immediately crop up in most students’ minds when they finally pass out from school and start scanning the polytechnic colleges in Delhi list to decide on their future course of action. Which is the right way? Which way should you go?

In reality, there is no one answer to these questions. No one can put a degree above diploma anymore and logically define their choice. The current job world is competitive but also tolerant and companies will absorb you as their executive as long as you possess the right skills. Thus, the choice between degree and diploma ultimately comes down to your personal preference, your tenacity. How long are you willing to stretch your college years and to what depths are you ready to go.

Diploma can give you a quick start

If you decide to join the top polytechnic college in Delhi after 10th, your line of study will immediately become focused. You do not have to sit through 2 more years of schooling that are designed to teach you more subjects with proper depth. Right in class 10, if you already know where your professional calling lies, you can directly go ahead to get a diploma and get started in the job world while others are still in college. You will learn in the field, pick up skills while working and naturally stay ahead than many who pass out later than you.

As evident, diploma is for those who want a quick start in life. Who knows what they want in life and doesn’t want to wait around any longer. Your extra years of job experience will make up for the lesser time in college and you will hold the same ground as any degree holder. The demand is definitely high as the industry still needs professionals who are willing to start from the very basic.

Degree helps to build your knowledge

You can only opt for a degree after you have passed out from your 12th standard. From there on, you will have to study in college for 3 years further and have to maintain a minimum amount of marks to complete your graduation. This entire path is designed to build your knowledge, make you an expert in the subject you pick and hand over to you all the theoretical knowledge you can consume. Naturally, you have a head start in the professional space owing to your greater subject knowledge and your CV always looks a bit better by the existing standards.

Degrees still have their fame. You will get a greater preference among employers if you hold a degree. And then there are some streams that require you to hold a degree and anything else is not acceptable. Again, there is no other side to the statement that there are definitely high demands for degree holders and you will reap the benefits of putting in those extra years.

The combination of degree and diploma

Where you can combine the best of both worlds. If the diploma is designed to give you quick knowledge, a degree helps you to go to the very extent. You can pursue one after the other to diversify your portfolio and target better opportunities in the job world. Let’s elaborate on this with the help of an arbitrary example. Say, after school, you decide to get a degree in journalism. You complete it, work in the industry for a few years and then develop a liking for fashion journalism. Now, in order to gather knowledge in the fashion arena, you can pursue a diploma in that instead of an entire degree which can give you quick knowledge to expand your career.

The opposite can also work in your favour where you get a diploma first, work in a job to better understand your liking and then pursue a degree from one of the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi and NCR to solidify your career. A combination is always a smart option and obviously, your demand among recruiters will hold no bounds.

Degree or diploma or both?

It depends on which stage of your career you are in and where you ultimately want to land. Demand has nothing to do with classifying what is best for you or as to which path you should take. But irrespective of your choice, make sure you select one of the top institutes like Polytechnic for Women where the courses are designed as per the modern standards and opportunities are in abundance. The brand value of the college is important for your career and so is the resources you get. Choose right and choose wisely. And then, work hard.

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