Building the Right Portfolio in Fashion Designing: 8 Things You Should be Doing

Fashion Designing Career

Portfolio in fashion designing has a completely different meaning than the other sectors, however, the underlying concept is still the same. As a graduate in fashion designing looking for a job, your portfolio will actually be a physical binder or report that shows your past projects, your field expertise, the design ideas you had until that point and more. Employers take a keen interest on this hard copy to judge your candidature and more often than not, your portfolio becomes the only parameter that can get you a job.

The concept is quite prevalent in the western countries and only the best polytechnic college in Delhi Saket will teach you here how to build one. Having one ready will show your employers that you are indeed serious about the field and are up to date with the growing trends. This post list the top 8 ways to build a convincing portfolio, things you should be doing while going through your fashion years.

  1. Make it unique

Copying ideas are really frowned upon in the fashion world. So, you cannot just pick a design from the internet and create your portfolio exactly like that. Give real thoughts on how you want to present your ideas. Do you want a spiral bind with laminated sheets? Come up with unique designs that will really help your chances.

  1. Explain your thought process

A notebook with a few brilliant sketches only works in the movies. If you are presenting a design to your potential employers, leave no room for cross-questioning. Explain your thought process, the textile you recommend and the stitch patterns that may go into the attire. Take every technicality into consideration.

  1. Stick to a particular theme

Avoid presenting yourself as the jack of all trades. Every fashion designer has their own source of inspiration and let your portfolio speak that. Are your designs bringing back some historical fashion trend or do you look into nature to create your work? Maintain one particular theme on your portfolio and let your employers hire you for that.

  1. Have physical materials attached

Different types of textiles or pictures of patterns that you picked up. Do not hesitate to attach real-world things to your portfolio. This only goes on to show that you are also a field worker who moves around for inspiration and picks things up from almost anywhere. Recruiters will assume that your ideas will keep on flowing which is naturally a good thing for them.

  1. Show your side skills

You can always hand draw your designs but the best polytechnic college in Delhi private will also give you software skills. You can use computer programs like CorelDRAW to present your designs which will show your side skills in graphics designing. This way, along with mentioning it in your CV, you are also presenting the employers with first-hand proof.

  1. Let it tell the story

Your portfolio shouldn’t really get the recruiters all confused. Obviously, you cannot just randomly throw in a few pages together. Let the report show your growth as a fashion designer, right from learning about textiles to stitching, from hand-drawings to software. End it with a final design that all your knowledge led to. Let the file tell the story for you which makes the whole thing that much exceptional.

  1. Keep it interesting

Do not hesitate to add colours, play with patterns and jumble up fonts. A fashion portfolio should be as interesting as the industry itself where every page should be as fascinating as the other. Go for cheerful backgrounds, include abstract art here and there and top it off with a brilliant cover.

  1. It has to be only about yourself

Try not to mimic someone else’s personality in your portfolio. If you are not into the Vogue, do not paste any cuttings from it. Employers can quickly catch your imitating personality and this does not create a good impression. Your portfolio should be the mirror of yourself as a fashion designer. The person viewing it should only see your personality presented there.

And if you are still wondering whether a portfolio requires this much hard work, you still need a reality check. Institutes like the Polytechnic for Women’s College South Extension – 1, one of the top colleges in the list of polytechnic colleges in Delhi, provides you with these skills from day 1. Only such fashion designing colleges can keep you in front of all that competition by teaching you the right channels to harness the industry and presenting your skills in the best possible forms. So, get to work, build a fascinating portfolio and land the perfect job.

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