8 Secret Ways to Work on Your Professional Skills During College

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At times, it is a race. As the competition in the job world continues to increase and the HRs of the top companies goes on receiving CVs, their filtering methods are naturally becoming more stringent and skill-based. This, in fact, is a boon to you. The entire corporate dynamics is slowly shifting from the bias to premier colleges and everyone now has an equal shot. So, if you start preparing early, work upon your skills right from the college level, you will have an upper hand when you pass out and lay claim to jobs. The trick is to have employable skills that recruiters look for and convincing them that you are the right candidate.

Here are 8 secret and simple ways to build your professional skills while still studying in college and utilising the time you have during your degree smartly. Every activity you participate in will add a star to your CV and help to keep you ahead of the entire pack.

  1. Write as many emails as you can

The top polytechnic colleges in Delhi list will encourage you to write emails to authoritative figures merely to constantly brush your written communication skills. The more you practice, the better you will become and the cover letter that you will actually write during your job application will be highly convincing. So, write to whoever you want, whenever you want.

  1. Volunteer in an NGO

Take some time out from your degree and volunteer regularly with an NGO. In the job world, this is known as social services skills and is greatly valued. You learn to collaborate, work in a team and think about developing your community. It will add ambition and vigilance to your CV which will show that you are always more than your needs.

  1. Intern in a niche company

It is no news that internship is treated as good as a job experience. During your session break, you can consider joining a small internship program just to learn the trade and evaluate the field. However trivial the opportunity may seem, every second will add massive value to your work experience and help to build your skills in the field.

  1. Take up a personal project

You do not need to wait for the right opportunity to come by. You can always create your own. For instance, if you are a journalism student, you can assign a project to yourself and cover that specific topic. It goes without saying that the skills you will gain in the process will equivalent to any job and you can actually present the report during your interview.

  1. Actively participate in college activities

The top college in the list of polytechnic colleges in Delhi will have activities specifically designed for its every stream. Take part, be involved and work on your leadership and organising skills. Here again, every activity that you participate in can go into your CV. Describe your role to the interviewers to show all the skills that you have gained.

  1. Enrol into skill-development workshops

Whether in your college or outside, always look for opportunities to attend skill-development workshops. Most students have the misconception that skills do not require training. But you must understand that a training workshop will only speed up the learning process. Hence, be it writing or leadership, self-actualisation or business, you must join training sessions for all.

  1. Pursue a hobby

Hobbies not only work to relax your mind but they also let you harness your skills. Sports involves leadership, communication,and team-playing. Stamp collection also includes communication along with negotiation, research and much more. So, pursue a hobby for the fun of it and also let it teach you professional skills as a part of the journey.

  1. Join an extra class

Learn a new language. Take dancing and driving lessons. Anything that adds an extra task to your already existing hectic curriculum which will enable you to learn time management. All the corporate profiles are filled with endless work with strict deadlines. If you can condition yourself to thrive in a busy schedule, you will become an asset to any company.

The Polytechnic for Women College, the top polytechniccollege from Delhi, provides you with massive opportunities during your degree course to continuously work upon your professional skills. The director of the institute, Kanwaljit Singh, works to maintain a vocational educational ambiance within the institute so that your skill-development runs parallelly to knowledge consumption. The modern industries are looking for creativity and innovation, abilities that machines cannot replicate, and you must strive to build yourself on those lines while in college. So, get to work, prepare yourself right and use the resources available in the best polytechnic colleges.

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