7 Invaluable Tips for New Journalists to Get the Right Start

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New to journalism and already confused? You are definitely not alone. With a myriad of options available in the current age combined with the ever-growing competition in the field, confusions and apprehensions are bound to set it. A time may come when you will question the profession itself and spend time thinking about alternate career options while still in college. This is where you need to stop yourself, take a mental note that journalism is still an impressive profession and take a few simple but necessary steps to find the right avenue.

Pursuing the course from the top polytechnic college in South Extension Delhi already puts you way ahead of many. From here on, follow these tips to get the right start as a new journalist. All throughout your degree and during the time after, keep your focus on the correct areas to build your own success story. Take note and start working.

  1. Avoid being intimidated

The fear of the mountain will always cripple you. You came into journalism fully knowing how competitive the field is. If you were expecting something different, then you are probably not living in the 21st century. Every field has fierce competition now and you will have to work your way up the hierarchy. With the right set of skills, you will get there at the right time. There is no point in fearing the outside world and locking yourself up in your dorm.

  1. Surround yourself with quality

You become what you read. While pursuing your degree, if you focus on mediocre papers and below average news channels, that will inherently become your limit. Your benchmarks will be low and your standards will never find any level. Hence, learn from the very best, follow the top international media houses. You will pick up the best writing skills, storytelling abilities and ways to reach out to the crowd. If you live and breathe quality, your work will receive notice.

  1. Add a secondary subject to your major

This will enable you to beat the competition further. While researching into the fee structure of polytechnic colleges in Delhi, try to select an institute offering you an integrated course. Combining related subjects like mass communication or advertisement to journalism will give you an extra edge that many out there will not have. You can not only find jobs easily but also explore a new field while still in college and eradicate the hassle of doing it all over later.

  1. Start low and start slow

There are never any shortcuts. However, if you do find one, make the conscious choice to avoid it. Most of the veteran journalists in the field have reached its peak by allowing the field to season them. So, instead of aiming for the top media houses fresh out of college, start as low as possible. Join internships, cover events while freelancing and take your time to learn the trade while working. Form the connections with your theoretical knowledge and then go for the leap.

  1. Invest time in building relationships

As most experts will tell you, networks are always the aces for any journalist. The best time to build relationships is when you still have a blank slate. No one knows you and everyone will help you. Maintain contacts with your college professors and work on your friendships with peers. Such connections can bring you referrals in the future which might make your life easier. Invest time in networking and keep asking intelligent questions.

  1. Find out your interest

While studying in the best polytechnic colleges in South Delhi, you will soon find out that journalism has many branches. Those branches have subbranches and the deeper you dig, the wiser you become. Sit down with yourself early on and find out where your interests lie. If its fashion, research what all you can become by pursuing fashion journalism. Check out sub-niches, start working around it and strive to become an expert.

  1. Never stop writing

No matter how difficult the going gets, never give up on journalism. Even if you are stuck at home for a month, continue writing on social media platforms and keep honing your skills. Find out your own stories, cover your personal events and continue writing in your journal. Work for free if necessary or volunteer for NGOs. Every word you write ultimately becomes your portfolio and helps you to better your existing skills.

So, start right and reach the top.Institutes like Polytechnic for Women College provide you the platform to work on yourself right from the time you start their course. You will be exposed to events and workshops to help you master the profession along with an experienced faculty to teach you the subjects. Exploration and perseverance are the keys to journalism.

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