6 Reasons to Get a Master’s Degree in Interior Designing

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The ridge between the bachelor’s and the master’s degree always seems wide enough and most students remain hesitant about making the leap. But the mere term is proof of the varied opportunities that the other side will hold should you choose to crossover. You will become a master in your subject, you will gain more core knowledge and recruiters will certainly take notice of your expertise. Interior designing is no exception when it comes to the benefits of procuring a master’s degree in a field and here are 6 convincing reasons for you on why you must consider it after your bachelors.

  1. You can choose a specific niche

As is the case for all master degree programs. Bachelor courses are designed to build the basic foundation of your core stream where you study all the associated subjects along with the mains. But when you upgrade to master’s, your education becomes more specific. You can choose to become a specialist interior designer for retail stores or you can opt for commercial spaces. Naturally, recruiters of those industries will prefer you over someone who does not have niche knowledge. With a master’s degree, you always have the edge.

  1. Your salary package will be higher

A master degree brings this along as a thumb rule. Your expertise makes you eligible for better profiles in the higher payment slab and you take up more responsible roles. The best Polytechnic colleges in South Delhi will open the recruitment gates for you where you can put in your demands as a master degree holder. Plus, as your avenue narrows down, the number of professionals available simultaneously decreases which naturally shoots up the payment offered due to higher demands. You ultimately become the gainer from every angle.

  1. You have more job flexibility

Upgrading your degree actually makes you eligible to choose your job role. With master’s, you can easily choose a managerial position in any designing firm and lead an entire team or a project. You can also opt for field work where you actually go to a place and make your designs. You may also ask your employer to place you in client servicing where you will have to communicate directly with the customer. In short, job options open up for you. Otherwise, the start always begins at the bottom and rising to the top takes time.

  1. You may tap into an unchartered field

Companies seldom hand over unconventional projects to bachelor degree holders unless they can sport a massive work experience. But the case will not be the same as a master’s degree holder. You can choose to major in some unchartered stream that is yet to become popular and crack some big deals in the process. Outdoor landscaping is gradually gaining popularity in the country. You can take this up as your career. You may also choose a related field like marketing or customer research that are yet to be tapped into.

  1. You can use it to add value to your CV

It is not a necessity that you must get your master’s right after your bachelor’s. Many use it to add further value to their CV. The best institute in the list of rank wise polytechnic colleges in Delhi provides a variety of streams in which you can major in. So, if you have been working in a specific industry as an interior designer after your bachelor’s, you can use the master’s to expand your knowledge and skills. This makes the shift within your industry easier and more profile options naturally open up. Diversity is welcome in any field.

  1. Lastly, it helps you study further

You must have taken up interior designing in the first place because of the profile it has to offer. It is probably the only field that combines corporate and creativity into a single job. The master’s degree is your opportunity to continue study what you love and successfully dig deeper into the industry. It doesn’t always have to be for a work-related reason. For better growth or higher salaries. You can pursue a master’s degree in interior designing just for the passion of it. Treat the better opportunities that come along as your added bonuses.

So, don’t spend time thinking about whether the jump to the greener side is the right decision. Look into the fee structure of polytechnic colleges in Delhi, evaluate your options and choose the best like the Polytechnic for Women’s College South Extension – 1. The institute has a master’s curriculum that will benefit you from all respects and perfectly fit into your reason for pursuing the higher degree. You really lose nothing with the advanced degree in your bag.

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