4 Careers of the Future for Journalism Graduates

Journalism Graduates

Let’s talk about the future by looking back into history a bit. What form of journalism ruled the country before the 1990s when television was yet to become a household necessity? Print or newspapers. Then, as time progressed, people slowly started to shift from reading to watching and journalism as a whole became visual. Gradually, nearly after three decades, the time of a shift is here again where the audiences are moving from broadcasts to digital and naturally, journalism is again about to see a transition. If you, as a journalism graduate, can move along, you will always have jobs. But if you cannot, then you will sit with the group fearing saturation.

Thus, to give you an insight into the upcoming boom, here is a list of the top 4 profiles that is bound to see demand in the recent future. Passing out from the top polytechnic colleges in Delhi South Ex within the next few years, you can truly work in flourishing fields. Until the next shift hits, gather your experience in these and form a skill-cushion so that you are always ready for anything that comes along.

  1. Web content management

Although newspapers hardly get any revenue from their online site, that is where the customers are. The media houses are somewhat forced to put up a decent number of contents daily and they are improvising here as well. The ease of information availability has made people hungry. They seek good quality content and are even willing to pay for it. Most of the foreign newspapers are making their sites subscription based and soon the trend will come to India as well. You must be ready for that time to hit, pick up online publishing skills along with journalism and target those firms that are investing heavily on their website. Premium online content is a thing of the future.

  1. Podcasting

The modern version of the radio that is yet to gain prominence. Here again, the trend of the audience is proof that podcasting will soon gain ground and become a regular job for journalists. People started watching TV in the first place as it was a faster way to consume information by watching rather than reading. Now, with their busy lives, podcast gives them an alternative where they can listen on the go. The best way to prepare yourself for this job is to brush up your verbal skills, become a master anchor and learn a bit of audio editing. Podcasting is all set to pick up and brands are shifting their advertisements here.

  1. Environmental journalism

The next crop of readers is more aware. They are the millennials and the Gen Y who are concerned about the environment and want to know more. The recent successes of National Geographic’s or BBC’s environmental wing are hinged on this trend and with time, more and more media houses will pick up the topic. During your journalism polytechnic courses in Delhi after 10, you can look into this sub-niche and build a basic knowledge foundation on environment issues. While others continue to explore sports and politics, you can be futuristic and report about topics that really matter. And if possible, add a few photography skills as well.

  1. Micro journalism

Or giving out information as fast as possible. Writing a whole essay requires a certain set of skills, but saying the same things in as few words as possible is another set of hard work entirely. The fast-paced trend has seen the rise of a few mobile app-based news brands that do not share the whole story. Here, the news is often the catchy headline followed by as few as 60 words. Their success should show you what the future readers want from journalism, crisp information just with the details. Hence, these mobile apps can be your future recruiters, where the need is very different from the traditional fields.

Whatever field you ultimately choose, the perfect start is always required so that your learning can be skill-based and you know how to apply them. Polytechnic for Women College, one of the best institutes in the ranking of polytechnic colleges in Delhi, can be your top choice. Here, the college management consisting of Kanwaljit Singh and Sanjana Kalra have designed their journalism course to be integrated with mass comm and advertising. This combination will naturally give you all the abilities you will ever require to become a future journalist and bag one of the above jobs. Every digital technology that is coming up is a potential journalism opportunity. The ultimate choice rests upon you.

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