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Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing

Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing

Introduction to the Course

A career in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing is one of great creativity & glamour. In addition to the skills needed to be successful, you must like being in constant contact with people. Hard work & determination can and will bring you success.

Beauty Culture is a very lucrative field. The satisfaction received is enormous, knowing you have changed a person’s appearance and helped her feel better as well as look better. Remember, if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you will look good.

This field is one of the fastest growing. The demand for creative hair stylists, colorists, make-up artists has far out -spaced the supply.

At Pf W we produce these ‘ jack-of- all-trades beauticians’ who are in great demand.


Students are employed in various positions in Beauty Salons, Aestheticians, Facialists, Make-up Artists, Electrologists, Hair-stylists, Cosmetologists, Manicurists.

Some of them also go on to become Beauty Salon & Beauty School owners and teachers.


One Year Diploma Course



Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing

Beauty Culture Hair Dressing
Waxing & Threading Daily & Weekly Hair Care
Manicure & Pedicure (Plain, Deluxe, Aroma, Hot Oil) Cutting &Trimming (Latest Trends)
French Manicure Hair Styling & Setting
Bleaching Blow-drying
Facial (Plain, Fruit, Gold, Silver, Pearl, Platinum) Crimping
Thermoherb & Wax Packs Ironing
Vegetable Peel Roller Setting Electric Roller Setting
Make-up (Day, Evening, Corrective & Bridal) Henna Application
Bindi (Everday, Ocassional, Bridal) Hair Streaking & Highlighting
Tattoo & Nail Art Hair Colouring
Hand Henna Perming & Straightening
Seasonal Skin Care Treatment for Hair fall
Pimple Treatment Treatment for Dandruff
Pigmentation Treatment Treatment for Split ends
Under-eye Treatment Research Project
Knowledge of Slimming gadgets Internship
Vibrator usage Beauty Salon Management
Body Massage First Aid Workshop
Skin Analysis
Dietetics & Nutrition
Yogic Exercises for Fitness